Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mystery Word

Today for Word Work we played "Mystery Word." The students paired up and they stood facing our words of the week. The student in back "wrote" one of the words on their partner's back. The partner had to guess which word they wrote. It was fun!

We also visited the library for the first time. Today was Library Checkout. The students were able to check out two books each--one book on their reading level or that would help them read and one free choice books. The books are due back in 2 weeks. If the students are finished with them earlier, please send them back to the classroom so that we are all ready for the next check out. Next week when we go to the library it will be for Story Time.

In science, the students created a Senses Collage. They cut out pictures and glued them in the corresponding sense box. Then, they added their collages to their Science Notebooks. Tomorrow we will do some experiments with touch and smell.

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Kathie Sever said...

nice! learning about sences, spelling, and the kids get a little back rub to boot!