Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun Friday

We started off the day joining the entire school outside at the Outdoor Learning Center to participate in National Anthem Day. Schools all over the country sang The Star Spangled Banner at the exact same time to celebrate.

We have been working on patterns during Math. The children are pattern experts.

During Science we focused on our sense of touch and smell. First we passed around numbered film canisters. Students took a sniff and then had to determine if the scent was lemon, perfume, vanilla, vinegar, chocolate, or baby powder. Then, students reached inside of bags and only using their sense of touch, had to figure out what was inside the bag. We recorded and shared what we thought.

Later we met our 4th grade buddies on the playground. We were excited to meet them! We will be getting together with them to do various activities on Friday afternoons.

I brought an ant farm to school on Thursday. Students observed and recorded what it looked like without ants. Before we went home on Thursday, I added the ants. By the next day, the ants had already begun digging tunnels! We will continue to observe and record what happens with our ant farm. Stop on by to check it out!

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Liz in Ink said...

I heard a BUNCH of the kids really excited about that ant farm!