Friday, February 06, 2009

100th Day of School

We just celebrated our 100th day of school!
Hi, ho! Hi, ho! 100 days ago...
We came to school and we're so cool!
Hi ho! Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!

We started the day off with 100 exercises. Next, our big project was making our special 100 Day Hats. We counted by 10's on each strip, then we added in all of the missing numbers from 1-100. They turned out great! Then, we weighed and compared our baggies of 100 items. After that, we had the choice as to which special centers we wanted to do. I made sure there were centers that addresses each child's interests and strengths. Our 100 day centers included: Making glasses out of the number 100, stringing 100 fruit loops to create a necklace, writing around the room 100 words, flipping a coin 100 times and recording how many times it landed heads up and how many times it landed tails up, typing numbers 1-100 on the computer, and reading a 100 day poem and drawing pictures of how you will look when you are 100 years old, what you would wear if it was 100 degrees outside, and something that weighs 100 pounds or more.

As a class we wrote our names as many times as we could in 100 seconds. We predicted and then discussed who wrote them most and who wrote the fewest. We also predicted if we took 100 steps down the hall where we would end up. After we placed sticky notes where we thought we would end up, we walked the 100 steps together down the hall. We were surprised to find out where we ended up. Can you guess where 100 steps from our classroom would be?

With our buddies, we played various math games with dice focusing on the number 100. We had such a great day but we couldn't believe that 100 days of 1st grade is over! We only have 75 days left!

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