Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Word Wall Detective and Our Ant Farm

Today during Word Work, I introduced Word Wall Detective. I would give the children clues, one at a time, and they would determine which of the weekly words it could be. After each clue they would eliminate some of the words and finally figure out which the mystery word it. For example: 1. It has two letters. 2. It rhymes with slow. 3. It starts with the sound /g/. What is it? It's GO!

Our young scientists have been observing the new addition to our science center, our space age ant farm. Using our sense of sight, we discussed what we noticed. The children drew what they saw and then wrote about it. We will make observations and record them again soon and discuss the changes. The children were very excited about the tunnels that are forming. Feel free to stop by and see it!

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