Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Counters in a Cup & Exploring Wood

In Math, to practice addition, we learned a new game called Counters in a Cup. We started off with a certain number of counters. Then, we sat back to back with our partner. One student put some counters in the cup and the rest outside of the cup. Then, their partner had to figure out how many were hiding in the cup. Then, we switched roles. Next time we play, we will record all of the combinations to create that number.

In Science, we began our unit on Wood and Paper. Today we looked at five different types of wood--3 from trees and 2 manmade. They were pine, basswood, redwood, particleboard, and plywood. We talked about where wood came from and looked at pictures of the trees that the different pieces came from. We discussed how the pieces were the same and how they were different.

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