Friday, August 29, 2008

Monster Munch, Number Hunt, & Writer's Workshop

Today was full of activities. One of the highlights was wrapping up our Where the Wild Things Are activities. First we did a following directions activity where the students had to color certain monsters certain colors and add certain details. Then, we made Monster Munch with rat toes, bug eyes, dried worms, and ant eggs. The children brought home recipes so you can make it at home, too!

During math we discussed how numbers are all around us. The children went on a hunt around the room and recorded in their math notebooks where they saw numbers in our classroom. Some students were detectives finding numbers on the clock, calendar, thermometer, their pencil, number line, and much more! Then, we played number bingo! It was a great way to practice reading numbers 1-31. Students worked in small groups and took turns locating the numbers on their game boards.

We also talked about the various stages of writing. Then we had Writer's Workshop. We spent the first 5 minutes writing with no talking. It was a great way to get our thoughts together, and write and draw what we were thinking about. Then we spent about 15 minutes working with our friends, talking about what we were writing, and illustrating. Then we spent the last 5 minutes sharing. One table got to share their work. After each student shared, the others gave them "horrays!" (a.k.a. compliments). Our classmates were so kind to each other. The children were already looking forward to next week to continue working on what they were writing.

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