Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Computer Lab

Today in the computer lab each child proved what a pattern expert they were. After logging into the computer and selecting Kid Pix, the students used the text tool to type their name and date. Then, they used the stamp tool to type a pattern. Finally, they used the text tool to label what type of pattern it was (ex. ABB pattern). The printer in the lab was out of ink, so we were unable to print out our creations. We saved them so we should be able to print them out soon. I was proud of the students' ability to follow directions and be patient in the lab. Next week we will do the wood lesson in the lab.

We read a wonderful book during story time called "Ish" today by Peter H. Reynolds. It really touched our hearts. It's about creativity and the artistic process. In the end we learn that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Several students asked me to "read it again!"

We also learned about bus safety. The entire school took turns going outside and learning the rules about riding a school bus. We sat on the bus, put on our seat belts, and listened to the bus driver. Too bad we didn't get to go anywhere. Oh well, we will be all ready to go on our field trip later on this month to Central Market!

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