Monday, September 10, 2007

Marathon Kids and The 5 Senses

We began to document each time we went around the track on our Marathon Kids recording sheet. Our track is 1/4 of a mile. So, each time we go around 4 times, it equals a mile! We have from now until February to run a marathon, 26.2 miles! The kids are very motivated and excited to see our progress. In Thursday folders this week, I will send home a recording sheet if your child would like to keep track of any walking or running they do at home. This is optional because we will turn in our class recording sheets to earn our shirts at the end of this project. Don't forget, the Kick off Celebration is this Saturday morning at 9am at the Mike Myers Track at UT.

Today we started talking about our Five Senses. We went on a Senses Walk and the students recorded what they could see, hear, smell, and touch. We discussed how as scientists in the classroom, we would only use these four senses.

We had our first "Star of the Week." We learned all about this student and we can't wait to learn more about each student in our class. We will begin "Share and Care" tomorrow, too. We put a schedule in your child's B.E.A.R. book in the "Important Class Information" section.

We also learned the Orange song today. It is sung to the tune of "10 Little Indians." It goes:
Orange is what that spells.
Jack-o-lanterns are always orange.
Carrots are always orange.
Oranges are always orange.


Kathie Sever said...

we're going to miss the marathon kids kick off tomorrw- ramona is bummed! i was thinking of how fun it would be come the motorola to take some of the interested kids down to watch some "real" marathoners cross the finish line! and i know ramona will be excited to watch you cross that 3M finish line!! wha-hoo!!

Ms. Shapiro's 1st Grade Class said...

Maybe you can make it to the final mile in February! All of the kids that go will receive a medal. Every child will receive a T-shirt in March at school.

Wow, I would LOVE if you guys took a "field trip" and came to watch me finish my first half marathon! We'll have to plan something. Thanks so much! :)