Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Me Mobiles"

Today each child made a "Me Mobile." We talked about things we are good at and each student chose three. They wrote them down on stars and illustrated them. Then, we hung them from a moon with their name on it. Now, they are all hanging in the classroom. The children worked hard writing down each sound that they heard and were proud of their accomplishments.

In math, we continued to explore our math manipulatives. Yesterday we used pattern blocks and interlocking cubes. Today we explored color tiles and unifix cubes.

We read the big book "Lunch" during shared reading today. The children loved watching the mouse turn rainbow colored as he ate fruit and vegetables of all different colors. Tomorrow we'll see if the children remembered what he ate, and the order he ate them!

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Kathie Sever said...

wow! i'm loving this blog! thank you for doing this- what a great way to intergrate parents into their children's autonomous school lives....
we're so excited to be a part of your class this year!
kathie (ramona's mom)