Thursday, August 30, 2007

"All About Me" Glyph Quilt Squares

Today in Social Studies students each created their own "All About Me" quilt square. They drew a self portrait and wrote their name, and then colored the corners to display information about them. The corners indicated if they had any siblings, and if so, if they had brothers or sisters, their favorite meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack), their favorite recess activity, and what their favorite special area is (Art, Music, PE, or all three). We will hang up the squares, along with the other first grade classes, on the big bulletin board in the hallway. Stop by next week and check it out!

We also acted out the book "Lunch" today with bean bag fruit and vegetables. Then, we talked about adjectives. We recalled the describing words from the book, and we each shared a word that described the shirt we were wearing.

We talked about how Max in "Where the Wild Things Are" should have followed directions. Then, we did a following directions coloring activity. Boy, we've done a lot this first week of school!

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Kathie Sever said...

so now ramona has the whole family singing the "ta-toodie-tot" song. her little brother arlo finds it absolutly HI-larious. and it's actually quite a workout!