Monday, September 21, 2009

Word Work

Each Monday we will introduce the words for the week. The students will get to take turns holding the words, saying sentences using the words, then we will all alphabetize the five words and put them back on the board. Then, each child will highlight the weekly words in their B.E.A.R. book.

Each Tuesday, during D.E.A.R. time, the students will cut out the letters they need to create that week's word wall words. Then, during Word Work, we manipulate the letters, spell the words, and see what other words we can make using those letters. We also work on our word family for the week. These letters will come home the following week to be used with their homework packet.

Wednesdays is "Active Spell" and Handwriting day. Students will spell the words while doing physical activities like pretending to bat a ball, jump rope, yo-yo, beat their chest like a gorilla, etc..

Thursday is "Game Day." We'll practice the words by playing "Word Wall Detective," "Wheel of Fortune," "Letter Scramble," or playing "Mystery Writing" on their friends' backs. They "write" the letters to spell one of this week's words on the back of their partner and their partner had to guess what word it was. This was a fun way to practice spelling our words.

On Fridays, during Word Work this semester we will be practicing our words with some type of sensory activity. One week we used playdough to practice our words. The students spelled Texas, Austin, and Zilker and then they got to spell their name and their friends' names.

The next week, we used shaving cream to spell our words.

The third week, we went outside and used sidewalk chalk.  Hmmm.... I wonder what we'll do next week?

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