Saturday, September 19, 2009

1st Week of School

We had a wonderful first week of school! The children were excited to be back, see old friends, and make new ones.  We read "We Share Everything" by Robert Munsch. He is definitely one of our favorite authors! Then we worked on our first class book where each child completed a page and wrote and drew what we could share in first grade.

We spent quite a bit of time reading books about rules and then we created our own class rules together. We read a very silly book called The Rules by Marty Kelley. Then we read Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. We talked about how Max didn't follow the rules and why it's important to have rules and follow them. One of the highlights of the week was wrapping up our Where the Wild Things Are activities. First we did a following directions activity where the students had to color certain monsters certain colors and add certain details. Then, we made Monster Munch with rat toes, bug eyes, drie worms, and ant eggs. The children brought home recipes so you can make it at home, too!

As the week went on, we added to our calendar routine. Now we are working on days of the week, months of the year, place value, tally marks, patterns, the math problem of the day, and more! We also used our prompt writing journals for the first time. Every day we will complete a prompt in these journals. We are really working on "Kid Writing," writing down all of the sounds that we hear.

During Word Work each child created their own name necklace with alphabet beads. We also worked on "Me Mobiles." Each child wrote and illustrated three things that they do well on stars. Then, I helped them attach their stars to a moon. We also learned the "Tooty Ta" song and dance!

We also explored some of our math manipulatives--pattern blocks, geoblocks and color tiles and worked on a time capsule, which we will open on the last day of 1st grade. Whew! What a busy week! I am so thankful for my fabulous bunch of first graders! We are going to have such a wonderful year!

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