Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Valentine's Celebration

Today was our Valentine's Celebration. We started the morning with the prompt "Love is..." The children had such wonderful things to say about love. Most wrote about their family members. We have their responses posted in the classroom. Then, it was time for our Valentine Centers. Each child make a Love Bug cookie, practiced skip counting and creating equal piles with conversation heart candies, and delivered their valentines to their classmates' valentine boxes. Then, they had a few other Valentine centers to choose from. Some students created Love Bug bookmarks, other made sentences with conversation heart candies and illustrated them, some did measuring math activities with their heart candies, and others read valentine books.

Before we knew it, it was time for martial arts. In your child's BEAR book today, they brought home our Martial Arts booklet. Feel free to keep track of their "Acts of Kindness" at home, too. After lunch we headed to the library for a Valentine Story Time with Mrs. Kraal. After Art we delivered our valentines to our big buddies. Finally, it was time for valentines and cookies! We opened all of our valentines and thanked our friends. Some students were very creative with their valentines. Everyone had such good manners. Next we ate (and enjoyed) our Love Bug cookies! Yum!

Finally, we finished the day with the game "Steal My Heart." Students paired up and challenged their partner to see who could "steal" the most heart candies by using only chopsticks! It was SO quiet, you could hear a pin drop! It was such a great fine motor activity and the children had to concentrate to use their chopsticks. They loved it! When the bell rang the students headed out with their valentines, candies, and balloons. Love was in the air! Happy Valentine's Day to all of my little valentines! Enjoy your long weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday!

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