Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to Come to Open House...

Tonight (Thursday) at 6:30pm...…**

10. You will get to complete a scavenger hunt with your child!

9. At your Parent Conference it was a time for discussion about your child’s progress and work…now your child can show off their work and talk about all the fun stuff we do!

8. It’s a chance to meet other families in the classroom.

7. It’s another way to show the home-school connection.

6. There could be treats…

5. Your child giving you a tour helps to develop their oral language, listening, and speaking skills.

4. You can sign up to help out with Zamboree, Halloween, or “Lend a Helping Hand.”

3. There is something inherently cool about coming to the classroom when it’s dark outside.

2. Ms. Shapiro would be lonely if we all stayed home and she was there by herself.

1. Zilker is a great place for kids!

** Please meet in the cafeteria for a brief PTA Meeting and then we will be opening our classroom for a visit!
You can also visit the library, Art, Music, and P.E.!

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