Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Estimation & Past, Present, and Future

Today, Ms. Tang taught us about estimation and Past, Present and Future. First, we learned about estimation and then practiced what we learned by estimating how many pieces of popcorn it would take to cover three different sized ghosts. We estimated one at a time and then counted to find the actual number. Then, we used that knowledge to create our next estimation. Luckily, we got to eat the popcorn for snack when we finished!

We also learned about the Past, Present, and Future. Ms. Tang read a few books and showed us a powerpoint with pictures of things now and then things in the past. We had to choose two topics (cars, schools, houses, books, etc..) and draw what they used to look like, what the look like now, and what we think they may look like in the future!

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