Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Share & Care and Making Words

Today was our first day of Share and Care. Each day (Tuesdays-Fridays), four or five students will have the opportunity to share something with the class. They can tell us about something or show and tell us about something. Then, after all four or five students have a turn, the rest of the class "cares." They get to ask a question or give a compliment to one of their friends. We work on eye contact, saying thank you, and the difference between a question and a comment. It went so well today! The children said the nicest things to each other!

Today was also the first week of Making Words. Each Tuesday, during D.E.A.R. time, the students will cut out the letters they need to create that week's word wall words. Then, during Word Work, we manipulate the letters, spell the words, and see what other words we can make using those letters. We also work on our word family for the week. These letters will come home the following week to be used with their homework packet.

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