Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Are NOT Wild Things (well, just sometimes)!

We revisited our rules today and reread Where the Wild Things Are. This time we actually became wild things, even dancing around the room in a wild rumpus! Then, we discussed how in school we are not wild things. We designed our own wild things and painted them with water colors! We'll hang them up soon.

We also reread the big book Lunch. This time we learned what an adjective was and we picked out all of the adjectives in the book (red, juicy, tender, green, etc..). Then, I had the children tell me an adjectives to describe the top they were wearing. They really got the hang of it!

We practiced what it should look like and sound like during D.E.A.R. time (Drop Everything and Read). Reading by yourself or with a friend (looking at pictures, thinking about the story, reading words, or listening to someone else read).

In math we played Math in Motion. The children picked a number tile and asked their partner to hop that many times. Then, they asked their partner to hop one more than that number. They really enjoyed playing.

In social studies, we created "All About Me" glyph quilt squares. We will be hanging these up on the 1st grade bulletin board in the hallway with the other 3 1st grade classes.

I can't believe our first week is winding down! I have absolutely loved teaching your children each day! Thank you for sending them to me ready to learn! We are going to have such a great year!


Stephany said...

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this! I just love getting on here, seeing the pictures and reading about what the kids learned today. I certainly will be checking your blog daily!

Ms. Shapiro's 1st Grade Class said...

My pleasure! I've had a lot of fun posting the pictures and sharing what we have been up to! Keep checking back! Thanks for your support!