Friday, December 07, 2007

Goods and Services & Story Telling

After learning about "Needs and Wants", we moved into "Goods and Services." We tied this social studies concept into science by using clay to make beads (goods). After the beads were ready, students added ribbon and additional beads to make necklaces. Then, students performed a service by wrapping up their necklaces! Shhhhh! It's a surprise! We will continue with goods and services with our field trip to Amy's Ice Cream on Monday!

As part of word work, we sat in a circle and took turns adding a sentence to create a story. The first person started and the next student added onto the story, and so on. Then we tried to create a story by just saying one word at a time. We used a stuffed animal to keep track of who's turn it was. The students were challenged to use our weekly word wall words, too!

This week we also learned about L blends (bl, fl, gl, sl, cl, pl) and R blends (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr). We practiced taking the two letters and blending them into one sound.

On Friday, we joined the school in the cafeteria for the Circle of Lights concert. It was beautiful! We listened to songs celebrating winter holidays all around the world! I saw many parents there and I am so glad that you took advantange of this wonderful opportunity!

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