Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sand and Silt & Needs and Wants

Yesterday during science we continued our study on pebbles, sand, and silt by exploring sand. We filled up vials with sand and water. Students used hand lenses to see the grains of sand up close. Students recorded what they saw in their vials.
Then today, during DEAR time, students observed their vials and recorded what they saw. Overnight two additional items formed inside the vial! Along with sand and water, there was now silt and air. During science we got to see and feel silt and compare it to sand. As the week went on, students also looked at clay. We learned that clay is made up of silt. Students recorded how clay in water and clay in a cup changed overnight,too.

For social studies, we began talking about needs and wants this week. We began the unit by reading "A Chair for My Mother" and then we discussed what we need to survive and what we would like to be happy.

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