Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Towers of Ten and Dem Bones

During math today, we reviewed the game Towers of Ten. Working with a partner, students built three towers of 10 cubes using two different colored cubes. Each student chose a different color and they took turns rolling two dice. They added up the numbers and then used those cubes to build a tower. Once their tower had 10 cubes in it, they continued with the next tower. Then, students wrote equations (number sentences) to describe their towers, They recorded their information in their math notebooks.

Ms. Darling taught the class about bones today. Students learned what different bones were called and played Simon says practicing what they learned. Then, each child received a small packet of “Dem Bones” candies. They sorted their bones and graphed what they had. They had to answer questions about their graphs, too. It was funny to hear students saying “I have 6 rib cages.” Or “I have more skulls than hands.”

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