Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Buddies to the Rescue

Mrs. Russell and I wrote and received an A+ Federal Credit Union Grade titled “Buddies to the Rescue.” We will focus on various math and science concepts during buddy time. Some of the lessons consist of the 4th graders reading a math or science related book to our students before our hands-on lesson. Today we did our first lesson. The students read "Mighty Maggie" a book about weight with the students. Then, during science, the buddies returned and we did various weight and other measurement activities with the pumpkins. Students made predictions as to how much their pumpkin weighed, if it would sink or float, how long the stem is, etc.. Then they found out the actual answers. Do you think pumpkins sink or float? Ask your child to find out the answer.

Today, Ms. Darling taught the children how y can make the /E/ sound at the end of words, such as sunny. The students went on a word search around the room and in books and they wrote down as many words as they could on dry erase boards.

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Liz in Ink said...

How cool! Congratulations on the grant!